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   Bashkortostan is located in the south of the Urals along the border between Europe and Asia. Its area is 143,600 square kilometres. The population is over 4 million people. More than 70 nationalities live in the republic: Bashkirs, Russians, Tatars, Chuvashs, Ukrainians, Germans and others.

   The first mention of the words "Bashkiria" and "Bashkirs" dates back to written documents of the 10th century. At that time Bashkirs were the nomadic people living a tribal society. In 1557 Bashkiria joined Russia voluntarily. At various times in history the Bashkirs actively participated in the protection of the Russian State

   Bashkortostan was proclaimed as the Sovereign Republic on October 11, 1990. Sovereign Bashkortostan is a parliamentary republic which is headed by the President. The government consists of three branches: legislative, executive and judicial.

   Today the state symbol of Bashkortostan is a three-coloured banner. It has three horizontal stripes: green, white and blue, and the yellow flower of Kurai in the middle.

   With in a short period of its history the Bashkir republic has developed a mighty economy and advanced science and culture. The national wealth is great: minerals, forests, rivers and lakes, fertile soil. Bashkortostan is rich in oil and natural gas. The natural resources of the Republic include iron ore, copper, nickel, gold, zinc, aluminum, limestone and many other valuable minerals. New towns such as Salavat, Ishimbai, Oktyabrsky, Kumertau came into being where the deposits are exploited. A lot of hydro-electric power stations were built on the rivers, the Pavlovskaya and the Nugushskaya hydro-electric power stations are among them.

   Bashkortostan is the country's biggest oil refining and extracting center. More than 20 million tons of oil are pumped up every year. The petrochemical, engineering, instrument making industries as well as metallurgy, timber-processing, light and food industries made rapid progress during last years. The goods are sent not only to the neighbouring economic regions of the CIS but also abroad - to Cuba, India, Mongolia. Bashkortostan's agriculture produces much grain, potatoes, meat and milk. For centuries the republic has been famous for its bee-keeping and horse-breeding, for Bashkir honey and koumiss (the local drink, which is fermented from mare's milk).

   The climate of Bashkortostan is continental with cold winters and moderately warm, sometimes hot summers. There are wonderful woodlands and lakes, picturesque river banks, steppes and valleys, hills and mountains. More than 600 rivers and 800 lakes make the natural scenery of the republic very beautiful.

   Ufa, the capital of Bashkortostan, was founded in the 16 th century (1574). In the beginning of the 20,h century Ufa was still a small provincial town with a few industrial enterprises. Ufa has changed beyond recognition since then. Now it is a large industrial city with the population more than 1 million people.

   Ufa is a scientific and educational centre. The Bashkir Academy of Sciences functions here. It carries out researches in different fields of science. Over 50,000 students attend classes at 8 state and many commercial higher educational establishments.

   Ufa is a theatrical city. Its theatres and amateur groups are popular with the public. The museums of Ufa are few but precious.

   The present-day Ufa is constantly changing. A lot of magnificent buildings are being constructed everywhere. The city is clean and attractive with its tree-lined streets, its old and new parks and gardens.


  1. What are its territory and population?
  2. Where is Bashkortostan located?
  3. What were Bashkirs in the 10tn century?
  4. When was Bashkortostan proclaimed as the Sovereign Republic?
  5. What is the state system of Bashkortostan?
  6. What natural resources does the Republic include?
  7. What industries are developed in Bashkortostan?
  8. What is the climate of Bashkortostan?
  9. When was Ufa founded?
  10. What is Bashkortostan famous for all over the world?

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