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ZainabAbdullovnaBiisheva. She was born January 15, 1908, the village Tuembetovo - People's Writer of Bashkortostan, novelist, poet, playwright and translator.
She graduated from the Orenburg Bashkir Pedagogical Institute (Institute of Education). After training in the years 1929-1931 - a teacher in the village TemyasovoBaimak district. After the end of Ufa training courses (1931) - Editor Bashkir book publishing and magazine "Pioneer" (in which in 1930 was published the first story ZainabBiisheva "Among the waterfalls").
The first book "The Boy partisan" was published in 1942. A member of the Writers' Union in 1946.Since 1951 - a professional writer. In 1990 he was awarded the title of "People's Writer of Bashkortostan." Published more than 60 of her books in the languages of the peoples of Russia and the world.
ZainabBiisheva writing in different genres. She is the author of several works for children and youth, including the play "Friendship" and the novel "Let's be friends", dozens of poems and tales. It serves as a fine lyric verse in the story "Gulyamal." The poem "The last monologue Salavat" (1984) is devoted to the image of the national hero SalavatYulayev. Dramas "Magic kurai" (1957), "The Mysterious ring" (1959), "Gulbadar" (1961), "Vow" (1966), "Zulhiza" (1981) with great success came not only on the stage of the Bashkir State Theatre drama, but also on the boards of theaters far beyond the country.
ZainabBiisheva fruitful work in the genre novels, stories and narrations. The best known include "Kanhylyu" (1949), "Strange Man" (1960), "Where are you, Gulnisa?" (1962), "Thoughts, thoughts" (1963), "Love and Hate" (1964). In them, she raises philosophical problems relationship between the individual and society, creates powerful images of women Bashkir. The most significant work of ZainabAbdullovna - trilogy "To the Light", which includes the novels "humiliation" (1956-1959), "The Big Ika" (1965-1967), "Emeshev" (1967-1969).
In Bashkir it translated "TarasBulba" Gogol, "Bezhin Meadow" by Ivan Turgenev, "Timur and His Team" A. Gaidar, "My dear boy," L. Kassilya, stories Tolstoy, S.Aksakova, A . Chekhov, Maxim Gorky.
ZainabBiisheva elected a member of the Union of Writers of the Republic of Bashkortostan, a delegate to many writers' congress of the Russian Federation and the USSR. She was awarded three Orders of the "Badge of Honor." Laureate of the State Prize of the Republican SalavatYulayev (1968) "for his novels" humiliation "and" Awakening. '"
She was buried in a Muslim cemetery in Ufa.Сочинения курсовыеСочинения курсовые